October 3, 2008

Gratitude and Spiritual Healing

Gratitude is always the anchoring vibration when a spiritual healing is begun. The acknowledgement of all the experiences a house has held for a family is both respectful and honoring of the gifts the house has provided. Becoming aware of the pulse of the house and then asking the house to release the current family can be as important as the removal of non-beneficial energies.

Taking the time to feel thankfulness for all the gifts the house has brought to the family, to the neighborhood, even to the landscape sets up a direct link and connection to the core of the earth and the center of the sun in which to run grace like a super highway for the release of stagnant negativity.

Of course, removing trash, fixing anything that is broken, and eliminating the “too much-ness” of material things is also important in establishing gratitude. Gratitude expands the field of love that will attract potential buyers. It also helps the family release the house by softening the resistance to change.

Remember that neighbors and friends need to release the current owners before they can welcome new owners. Many hearts are activated when a “For Sale” sign goes up in a neighborhood. By declaring thankfulness throughout the house and property a deliberate energy field of love is initiated.

October 2, 2008

My Favorite Ghostbusting Story: How do you feel about snakes?

On my way to clear houses I always use the drive to prepare myself for the job I'm about to do. I start with a gratitude prayer, thanking God for the ability to help people. Then I clear my own energy fields so that I can be a clear conduit of God's grace. I never try to anticipate what is going to happen before I get to the property.

For this particular property, I was hired to clear the energy not for a house to sell, but because their four-year-old boy would not sleep in his bedroom anymore. This was an original sod homestead house out on the plains that had been updated. A basement had been added under its very small main level. As I completed the two rooms of the main level I was really questioning why they had hired me, because so far, I found nothing out of the ordinary.

Then one of the owners asks, "so how do you feel about snakes?"

"I don't really feel anything about snakes. I don't think about them. I don't know anything about them. They're really not in my consciousness at all."

Just as quickly I heard this little voice inside my head say, "Now, why would he ask about that?"

So I asked him, "These snakes you're talking about...are they pets? Are they caged?"

"Yes they are," he replied.

"Um-m-m...are there few? Are there many?" I calmly inquired.

"Many," he said.

Again I hear that little voice inside myself musing, "Hm-m-m...Many Caged Pet Snakes. Something like those pet owners who have a dozen cats or two dozen dogs. I can do that." So down the stairs I went.


But indeed not! There was actually a bed, in the very middle of the room! An arched doorway led to another small bedroom where the bed was similiarly located and right at that entrance was a five-foot python cage with...you guessed it...a real live python!

Re-enter that voice inside my head, this time with an attitude, "No wonder this kid won't sleep in his bed at night! He knows where he sits on the food chain!"

And then, almost before I could register it, I catch the lightest, gentlest voice just next to my ear, the soft sounds just barely brushing by my hair. (In fact, I almost missed it because I was jabbering so loud to myself in a blah, blah, blah fashion of contempt.) "Why didn't they just ask me to leave? Goodbye!"

And just that fast, this little gray haired, plump grandma ghost was gone. I found out later that the original owner of the house had died a long time ago. Her name was Mrs. Pretty. I often wonder if it was a good idea to banish this little ghost. But the little boy slept in his room again with all those snakes after I was finished smudging.

October 1, 2008

What I do

I am known as The Suburban Ghostbuster. I energetically clear houses. My specialty is clearing houses so they will sell quickly.

Have you ever walked into a house and thought "I would never live in this place"...or "this place gives me the creeps..."?

Chances are the energy in that house is stagnant, stored up negative energy from past experiences or people that has never been released. My job is to release that energy and restore a sense of harmony and balance to the property. I am hired by realtors and their clients.

I am also hired by homeowners who have just moved into a property and want a clean, clear energy field in which to establish their "own home".

My rates are based on the square footage of the home, travel distance, and degree of difficulty. I love my job and see it as a real service to people who are having trouble selling their houses